Unexcelled and Matchless Feature
  • Real time cargo tracking & monitoring.
  • Vehicle location, speed & direction.
  • Route and fleet optimization with mileage & duration.
  • Monitoring of speeding and idling of vehicles thereby reduces fuel cost.
  • Cargo thefts bring losses in billions but with PitBullTM, the cargo theft is stopped.
  • Track your fleet from a distance and recall vehicles whenever you want.
  • No overtime is required to be spent at unapproved and unauthorized locations.
  • Provide preventive maintenance thereby reducing maintenance revenue per vehicle.
  • Ensures safe driving and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Readily tracks and recovers the stolen vehicles.
  • The reduction of time-sheet frauds and payroll expenses
  • No need to map out plans and routes as they are done easily with Geo-fencing.
Extendable features
  • PitBullTM also has a foolproof automated Load Cell to monitor your laden weight.
  • Customized Daily Activity information and summary analysis & Post-Facto Analysis.
  • Expected Time of Arrival of vehicles towards plants, thereby assisting scheduling of vehicles.
  • Real time intimation of any unauthorized opening of the doors in any un-authorized locations by installing transhipments sensors.
  • Creation of Business maps by locating all their dealer locations, plant locations, etc.
  • Driver Evaluation module based on set parameters.